Our Partners

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s most popular and successful cafés and restaurants.

Here are some of the highlights.

Asian Chef Club

At B+S Commercial Kitchens, we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the Asian Chef Club, a vibrant community dedicated to culinary excellence and cultural celebration. With over 65 years of manufacturing experience here in Melbourne, we felt it was a matter of mutual respect to work hand in hand with the Asian Chef Club.

Uncle Su

When selecting Uncle Su’s commercial kitchen equipment, Chef Song didn’t hesitate to go with the most advanced and latest technology equipment to achieve the expected food results. In his words, “B+S Commercial Kitchens is the most suitable brand for Cantonese and Beijing cuisine. When you compare B+S with other brands, only B+S has a hot brick setting to protect chefs when cooking. And the burner is powerful, making the whole cooking process highly efficient and accurate!”

The Star

Nearly a decade ago, Dustin Osuch, senior project manager at F&B Capital Projects, was tasked with the massive undertaking of revitalising The Star in Gold Coast. The latest chapter of the transformation was to revitalise the Imperial at The Star – a Chinese restaurant that brought flavours from various regions in China to the shores of Australia. With incredible head chef, Chef Song, and B+S Commercial Kitchens on his team, Osuch successfully transformed Imperial at The Star into Uncle Su at The Star.


Komeyui utilises a unique combination of products from B+S’ K+ Range and Verro Range to produce their Black Cod ‘Saikyo-yaki’, Braised Pork Belly ‘Kakuni’ and the absolutely delectable Tempura Classic. It’s with the support of B+S’ K+ Standalone Stock Pot Cookers and the Verro Six Burner Boiling Top that Kumano and his team have the freedom to re-imagine modern Japanese cuisine.


Aromi’s flavourful menu is supported by equipment that understands the importance of tradition without sacrificing modern quality and technology. Aromi utilizes B+S Commercial Kitchens’ Verro Range to deliver its spectacular creations. The Verro Range utilizes European design and Italian innovation to give the flexibility that’s needed in a modern Italian Kitchen in Australia.


Lagotto, the third restaurant from Michael and Katie McCormack, relies on B+S Commercial Kitchens’ Verro Range to fulfil all their needs. The modern Italian eatery requires the Italian-inspired range to go from breakfast bar to trendy lunch spot, finally transforming into an Italian wine bar in the evening. Find out more about how Lagotto depends on and utilises B+S Commercial Kitchens’ Verro Range every day.

Ocean 12

The whiskey, tapas and karaoke bar utilises B+S Commercial Kitchens’ B+S Black range to prepare their extensive fusion menu. The B+S Black Range made it possible for Ocean 12 to prepare a menu that dances on the line of Western and Eastern dishes, combining flavours from both Europe and China to create something unique. Find out more about how B+S Commercial Kitchens were able to assist Ocean 12 in customising the perfect kitchen for their specific needs.

Shanghai Red

Located in Australia’s largest shopping centre, Shanghai Red deals with a high demand every day. To deliver its classically inspired Chinese dishes, Shanghai Red relies on B+S Commerical Kitchens’ Verro range, which allows them to deliver dishes at the highest standards. Find out more about how Shanghai Red is able to produce classic Chinese cuisine in a Western society with the help of B+S Commercial Kitchens.

Flower Drum

Flower Drum relies on the B+S Black range to ensure it maintains its status and quality. The B+S Black range is perfect for them, not only because of the uniform size and design of the products, but because it keeps up with the demands of the kitchen. The B+S Black range also offers the patented burner pilot integration that allows for the use of HiPac woks, a staple of Cantonese cuisine.

Tian 38

Tian 38’s South Asian menu is able to come to fruition with B+S Commercial Kitchen’s kitchen equipment. Utilising a combination of ranges, Tian 38 is able to produce the dishes that have awarded them critical acclaim. B+S Commercial Kitchens was able to offer Tian 38 a completely unique and tailored solution. Find out more about how Tian 38 were able to combine appliances from both the K+ range and the B+S Black range to fulfil their needs.