About Us

An Australian, family
owned business

An Australian, family owned business

Previously known as Gogorosis and Bakos, B&S Commercial Kitchens (B&S) began its venture into crafting commercial cooking appliances in 1956.

From manufacturing humble stainless-steel pots and metal sheet products in Collingwood, Melbourne, a pivotal moment came in the early 1960s when a single request ignited a new chapter.

The story goes that a visitor walked into our workshop and asked if we could manufacture a deep-fat fryer. Rising to the challenge, we impressed this customer, and as they say, the rest is history.

This early success propelled us into the world of catering equipment, and by 1965, we had decided to focus solely on manufacturing commercial kitchen appliances. Anticipating the rise of fast-food outlets, we also foresaw the need to introduce burners into our product lineup.

Our initial focus was on Melbourne’s Fish and Chip scene. With a team of three, we crafted two appliances to meet their growing demands: a fryer and a griller toaster. As the industry evolved, so did our lineup of cooking equipment.

By the late 1970s, Harry Skalistis joined us as a partner, recognising the rising influence and substantial impact of Asian cuisine within the Australian food service industry. B&S Commercial Kitchens (B&S) then began producing ranges tailored to this demand, establishing a solid presence in the Asian market, which manufactures various cookers.

The need for tailored units for Asian cuisine also led us to develop products for the European market. Creating an oven for perfecting Asian dishes like duck and pork paved the way for our European range, which now includes over seven standard units and numerous combination options.

Over time, our company grew and ventured into Asian and European markets. What began with just two products has blossomed into a range of over 100 standard units. That being said, standard units are the exception – most units can be modified or even have new specifications for a particular kitchen.

Building a foundation

Our wealth of experience has enabled the business to develop an international profile, by supplying our ranges to a large number of clients. Within the Australian market, we’ve supplied equipment to establishments such as; The Star Entertainment Group, Crown Resorts, Lucas Restaurants, Merrivale Group, Applejack, PappaRich, Master Lanzhou Noodle Bar, Sushi Jiro, Foodle, Dragon Hot Pot & Domino’s Pizza. Beyond Australia, we’ve been fortunate enough to have supplied our ranges to various countries including UAE, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Fiji. This was a result of the recognition received from consultants and end users, acknowledging that B+S products are durable, reliable, and of excellent quality.

Innovation through

Innovation through Experience

With product improvement being a priority, we implemented an innovation program based on customer feedback. From this we recognised that diverse products are needed to accommodate the varying needs of differing market sectors.

To help accommodate this, we have split our product offering into four different ranges: the Rapid, K+, B+S Black, and Verro. Our newly introduced Rapid series will maximise the productivity of any quick-service kitchen without sacrificing quality. K+ is designed to save space and maximise performance. Our signature series, B+S Black, is a result of 68 years of experience and is essential for the busy kitchen. And finally, our Verro range is where Asian and European appliances meet, offering a solution for high-volume fusion kitchens.

Through ongoing research and development, we have developed a pilot integration system for our Hipac air forced woks to ensure reliable performance. B+S was the first Australian manufacturer to develop and manufacture a complete waterless wok range, and has since added waterless steamers, stock pots, and Hipacs. This has been the cornerstone of our commitment to providing environmentally sustainable options for the Australian the market.

The next 68 years

B+S Commercial Kitchens remains committed to maintaining the highest quality standards while continually innovating to fill gaps within an ever-evolving market.