A commercial kitchen range for every budget, size and cuisine

We understand that every kitchen has its own unique requirements. That’s why we’ve split our products into three ranges – to give you the best value. Our K+ range is an entry-level series designed to deliver configuration flexibility and maximise performance. Our standard line, B+S Black, is a result of 65 years of experience and is essential for the busy kitchen. And finally, our Verro range is where Asian and European appliances meet, offering a solution for high-volume fusion kitchens.


World-class innovation meets contemporary design

Make a statement with Verro coloured panels. Available in Royal Blue, as standard, or your own custom colour, or stick with the classic stainless steel. Inspired by the diversity of Australia’s food scene, we wanted to lead the way in supporting commercial cooking across fusion cuisine. By bringing together the right combination of elements, we sought to offer kitchens a solution for keeping up with the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Hence the Verro range – a premium fusion series where European and Asian appliances meet. It’s the first of its kind in the market and offers superior quality, performance and flexibility. Using only the best in Australian, German, and Italian innovation, it was designed with high-volume kitchens in mind that require efficiency and speed. All Verro units are constructed using AISI 304 grade stainless steel and offer a variety of configurations and combinations, giving the operator fantastic flexibility. And to ensure peace of mind, we proudly offer a 36-month warranty on our Verro range, supported by our exceptional after-sales support.

B+S Black

Over 65 years of quality and reliability, essential for the busy kitchen

Where it all began. B+S Black has been our staple range for over 65 years, representing generations of quality and reliability that B+S is known for. We recognised that flexibility is vital for the Australian food industry, so we made sure our standard range caters to both European and Asian cuisines and can be customised to suit any workplace’s specific needs. All units use AISI 304 grade stainless steel and consist of a stainless steel frame, ensuring they are built to withstand the high-intensity demands of a busy kitchen. The range includes a patented burner pilot integration for all Hipac woks, guaranteeing reliable performance every time. Ideal for medium-large kitchens, we confidently back this range with a 24-month warranty, plus our outstanding customer support.


Exceptional value for when you need to save space and maximise performance

We know that the best dishes can spring from simple, quality ingredients. With this philosophy in mind, we wanted to make sure that any commercial kitchen, regardless of budget or size, can make great food using high-quality food appliances that perform to expectations. So we created the K+ range – our entry-level range of quality foodservice equipment that’s perfect for cafes, bars, small restaurants, and diners. Comparatively smaller than our other ranges, K+ is perfect for businesses needing to save some space but still pack a punch. Just like our other ranges, K+ is constructed with AISI 304 grade stainless steel, making it exceptionally valuable for the quality and performance received. All units come with an 18-month warranty, backed by excellent after-sales support.


B&S Commercial Kitchens Pty Ltd of 57 Plateau Road, Reservoir, Victoria (hereinafter called ‘B&S’) undertakes by this warranty that B&S or its agent will pay for the cost of labour and parts which B&S or its agent find defective for:
• K+ Range – Eighteen (18) months from the date of installation/handover for projects.
• B+S Black Range – Twenty-four (24) months from the date of installation/handover for projects.
• Verro Range – Thirty-six (36) months from the date of installation/handover for projects.

The liability of B&S under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective goods or components. All other costs, including, without limitation, cartage, carriage and installation, shall be borne by the purchaser.

Before requesting a service call, please be sure that cooking equipment is being used and maintained in accordance with the instruction manual provided with your cooking equipment. Please also be sure that your cooking equipment has been installed in accordance with the manual by a qualified installer. The installer must commission all cooking equipment upon completion of installation. Failure of these procedures will result in non-warranty service costs.

Warranty labour is supplied free of charge during business hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. AEDST), Monday to Friday. Should warranty work be requested outside of our regular working hours, a labour charge will be applied equivalent to a standard hourly rate, with out-of-hours penalty rates. The purchaser must bear the penalty rates amount. Claims for non-covered parts, no faults found, travel over 100km or other items outside our standard terms and conditions will be chargeable. Note: Any extra time spent on site due to required inductions etc., is not covered by warranty.

1. This warranty applies only to mainland Australia and Tasmania and does not cover any service consequent upon accident, alterations, misuse, fire, flood or act of God. Warranty for New Zealand is twelve (12) months for parts and labour for K+, B+S Black & Verro Ranges.
2. This warranty is valid only if the appliance has been installed in accordance with local regulations by a duly authorised person and the B&S installation instructions provided with the appliance. If in doubt, please contact B&S or their representative for further information. No responsibility will be accepted for defects or damages by improper installation, for changes to the product not authorised by B&S or for the operation outside the technical specifications of the appliance.
3. This warranty is conditional upon the appliance being used in standard commercial catering operations.
4. This warranty is the only express warranty given by the Company. No person has the authority to change or to add to
these obligations and liabilities.
5. The Company has the right to determine whether or not a fault is caused by faulty workmanship or material or that any
part is defective.
6. This warranty does not apply to any loss suffered through or resulting from the non-operation or the ineffective operation of the cooking appliance or any part of the cooking appliance.
7. This warranty does not extend to goods and components thereof manufactured either entirely or substantially of glass or similar substances, light globes, infrared or quartz tubes and electrical controls or elements.
8. While the goods are in the custody of the seller for investigation or repair, they shall be at the risk of the purchaser, and no liability shall attach to the Company, its servants or agents for any damage occasioned to, or loan of, the good whatsoever.
9. All warranties are non-transferable and are only applicable to the original end-user (purchaser).
10. B+S-approved service technician must carry out all warranty work.
11. Nothing in this warranty, however, shall be construed as affecting any rights you may have under the Trades Practices Act or
any other Commonwealth or State Legislation which gives you rights that cannot be modified or excluded by agreement.
• Cleaning of spark and ignition sensors is not covered by warranty. Damage caused by oils, water and foodstuffs falling into burners or pilots will not be covered under warranty.
• Cleaning of burners due to blockage of burner orifices caused by foodstuffs and/or oils is not covered by warranty.
• Breakage of pilot knobs, knee valve handles and knee wands are not covered under warranty.
• Thermocouples, piezo leads and ignitors are only covered by twelve (12) months of parts and labour across K+, B+S
Black and Verro ranges.
• Seizure of gas cocks and knobs.
• Cleaning of blocked drains.
• Damage caused by lime scale and/or corrosion.
• Parts not supplied by B+S or a B+S authorised service technician.
• Damage caused by rodents and insects.
• Scheduled general maintenance.
• Normal wear and tear of parts.
• Filters for DSK Deck Steamers

Additional costs are payable for: Accommodation, cost of transport such as flights/ferries, poor access and waiting times.

• To obtain the benefit of this warranty, the purchaser/installer must:
• Complete the ‘Warranty Activation’ form and return it to B+S.
• Give notice to the Company immediately upon it becoming aware of the alleged defect and, in any event, before the
expiration of the appropriate warranty period.

IMPORTANT: WARRANTY IS NOT VALID UNTIL WARRANTY ACTIVATION FORM IS COMPLETED AND RECEIVED BY B&S COMMERCIAL KITCHENS PTY LTD within 14 days after installation for any service calls to be approved. The form is attached to the unit and available on our website and must be filled with appropriate content.
• Failure to return Warranty Activation Form will result in reversion to standard B+S Service Warranty Terms of Twelve (12) months parts and labour.

B+S will endeavour to have a service technician on site for all warranty service requests within a 24-hour period or by end of next business day at the latest. All warranty requests must be in writing by either lodging a warranty request through B+S website or be emailing clientservices@bscommercialkitchens.com. Details of installer such as contact name, business name, telephone number and license number must be provided to avoid any delays.