We understand that every kitchen has its own unique requirements. That’s why we’ve split our products into four ranges — to give you the best value. Our K+ range is designed to deliver configuration flexibility and maximise performance. Our signature line, B+S Black, is a result of 68 years of experience and is essential for the busy kitchen. Rapid — our latest range — will maximise the productivity of any quick-service kitchen without sacrificing quality. And finally, our Verro range is where Asian and European appliances meet, offering a solution for high-volume fusion kitchens.


World-class innovation meets contemporary design

Make a statement with Verro coloured panels. Available in Royal Blue, as standard, or your own custom colour, or stick with the classic stainless steel. Inspired by the diversity of Australia’s food scene, we wanted to lead the way in supporting commercial cooking across fusion cuisine. By bringing together the right combination of elements, we sought to offer kitchens a solution for keeping up with the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Hence the Verro range – a premium fusion series where European and Asian appliances meet. It’s the first of its kind in the market and offers superior quality, performance and flexibility. Using only the best in Australian, German, and Italian innovation, it was designed with high-volume kitchens in mind that require efficiency and speed. All Verro units are constructed using AISI 304 grade stainless steel and offer a variety of configurations and combinations, giving the operator fantastic flexibility. And to ensure peace of mind, we proudly offer a 24-month warranty on our Verro range, supported by our exceptional after-sales support.

B+S Black

Over 65 years of quality and reliability, essential for the busy kitchen

Where it all began. B+S Black has been our staple range for over 65 years, representing generations of quality and reliability that B+S is known for. We recognised that flexibility is vital for the Australian food industry, so we made sure our standard range caters to both European and Asian cuisines and can be customised to suit any workplace’s specific needs. All units use AISI 304 grade stainless steel and consist of a stainless steel frame, ensuring they are built to withstand the high-intensity demands of a busy kitchen. The range includes a patented burner pilot integration for all Hipac woks, guaranteeing reliable performance every time. Ideal for medium-large kitchens, we confidently back this range with a 24-month warranty, plus our outstanding customer support.


Exceptional value for when you need to save space and maximise performance

We know that the best dishes can spring from simple, quality ingredients. With this philosophy in mind, we wanted to make sure that any commercial kitchen, regardless of budget or size, can make great food using high-quality food appliances that perform to expectations. So we created the K+ range – our entry-level range of quality foodservice equipment that’s perfect for cafes, bars, small restaurants, and diners. Comparatively smaller than our other ranges, K+ is perfect for businesses needing to save some space but still pack a punch. Just like our other ranges, K+ is constructed with AISI 304 grade stainless steel, making it exceptionally valuable for the quality and performance received. All units come with an 18-month warranty, backed by excellent after-sales support.


Quick, reliable and efficient innovation

We are constantly striving to innovate for the ever-changing Australian consumer landscape. Our extensive research has shown that the modern Australian hospitality industry is gearing towards the rise of quick-service restaurants. This has led to our innovation team to design accordingly. Quick-service restaurants are unique compared to other hospitality outlets for their high customer service rate. Moreover, particularly in Australia, customers demand high-quality products that are often made as fresh as possible or even on demand. Such high expectations place almost impossible requirements on the kitchen. Our latest range will maximise the productivity of any quick-service kitchen without sacrificing quality.