Located in Australia’s largest shopping centre, Shanghai Red is a classically inspired Chinese restaurant with modern flourishes. Aesthetically, the restaurant utilises neon lights analogous with the streets of Shanghai.

chef cooking with stock pot cooker

David Loh & Louis Koh, the owners of Shanghai Red, envisioned a restaurant that reflected the grandeur of 1920s Shanghai, in both appearance and flavour. Although in a modern setting, Shanghai Red pays homage to classic Chinese flavours, specialising in delicate soup dumplings: the classic xiao long bao.

steaming baskets

The chefs are specially brought in from Shanghai to certify the authenticity of the flavours. That being said, Shanghai Red has also integrated its Western setting into the atmosphere and the cuisine, offering Kangaroo dumplings with Kakadu plum. Shanghai Red relies on B+S Commercial Kitchen’s Verro range to deliver such dishes at a high standard. Shanghai Red needed something only the Verro range could offer – a fusion of appliances, specifically those utilised in both Europe and Asia. It’s the flexibility of configurations that’s allowed Shanghai Red to design the perfect kitchen for their needs.

interior shot of Shanghai Red