Flower Drum has been a Melbourne institution for over four decades. It is consistently considered one of Australia’s top restaurants, offering elegant and luxurious Cantonese cuisine. Flower Drum combines the attentive service and standards of a contemporary Australian Cantonese restaurant with the traditional aesthetics and flavours of a Chinese Cantonese restaurant.

waiter in front of yum cha cart

The current menu remains a formidable contender on the world stage. It includes barramundi rendered noodles, a seafood xiao long bao, and an artfully presented Peking duck. Flower Drum relies on the B+S Black range to ensure it maintains its status and quality.

chef cooking with wok

The B+S Black range is perfect for Flower Drum, not only because of the uniform size and design of the products, but because it keeps up with the demands of the kitchen. The B+S Black range also offers the patented burner pilot integration that allows for the use of HiPac woks, a staple of Cantonese cuisine.

flower drum interior