Tian 38, translated into ‘Shop 38’, fuses the industrial style of modern Melbourne with imperial elements of traditional China. The sleek, elegant and luxurious space features three main areas: the main dining area, VIP rooms and a bar. The menu is inspired by popular dishes from South Asia, and while not entirely traditional, is full of the traditional flavours of Cantonese cuisine.

interior of Tian 38

Although only newly opened, Tian 38’s Hainanese chicken rice has already been dubbed by some as the best in Melbourne. Tian 38’s tribute to Chinese flavours, whilst being inspired by the modernity of Melbourne, allows for a deliciously unique dining experience.

B+S Black Noodle Cooker

Tian 38 utilises a combination of B+S Commerical Kitchens’ ranges to ensure that each product has a place in the kitchen. The K+ range offers a duck oven that is not only compact, but produces the perfect traditional roast duck, often seen hanging in the windows of Chinese restaurants. This has been combined with cookers from the B+S Black range, which are fitted with the patented burner pilot that allows integration of HiPac woks.

chef stir frying veg