Dining at Sushi Jiro is an experience in itself. The brightly lit restaurant exudes an air of fun and joy, and features a conveyor, or ‘train’, that sits in the centre of the restaurant and carries dishes around to the diners for them to select to their liking. The crafting of the dishes themselves is based on the teachings of Japanese masters.

chef in front of takeaway window

The sushi restaurant has quickly become a favourite throughout Melbourne. Each roll is carefully handcrafted and uses quality ingredients. Sushi Jiro has combined modern creativity with traditional sushi practices to offer beautiful sushi creations. The nature of the restaurant requires a kitchen that can handle a high volume, as food litreally flies off the shelf and needs to be constantly replenished. As a result, Sushi Jiro needed B+S Commercial Kitchen’s Verro range.

Sushi Jiro's sushi train

It is the first of its kind in the market, designed for the performance and flexibility of a demanding kitchen. Moreover, the range features a combination of European and Asian appliances, perfect for an Asian restaurant in a Western setting.

sushi jiro signage