Yu Kitchen, a creative masterpiece of a dining experience, was the product of a collaboration between Malaysia’s The Oriental & Ruyi Group and Australia’s Calia Collective. Located above Chadstone’s Calia, Yu Kitchen’s menu was directed by 2-Michelin-starred chef Chen Kentaro.

dumplings steaming

Yu Kitchen utilises B+S Commercial Kitchen’s K+ range of commercial kitchen equipment. Its exceptional value and compactness made it perfect for enhancing Yu Kitchen’s performance. The luxurious restaurant offers both Chinese Yum Cha and a la carte dining, fusing both modern and traditional Chinese cuisine in their menu.

chef prepping dumpling wrappers

Both the Yum Cha and a la carte menus feature a cornucopia of options, ranging from traditional steamed dumplings to baked black truffle and Wagyu beef puffs, along with Heavenly Swans filled with White Lotus Paste. Yu Kitchen encourages its diners to explore the possibilities of traditional Chinese cuisine in a modern world.

Yu Kitchen commercial kitchen