With Komeyui, Motomu Kumano has built something truly unforgettable. His emphasis on building a relationship of harmony, love, and connection has allowed for the manifestation of an experience that is almost mystical when you dine at Komeyui. His passion and epicurean desires are channeled through the simplest, yet most important ingredient to Mr. Kumano and Komeyui, rice.

frying in komeyui kitchen

Its new South Melbourne location has given Mr. Kumano the freedom to create dishes without boundaries. Komeyui celebrates Japanese cuisine and constructs dishes that leave a lasting impression. All ingredients, aside from the Toro (tuna belly) which is imported directly from Japan, are sourced locally and delivered straight from the port to the restaurant. Although the menu may appear familiar, the flavours and experiences Komeyui are able to coax out of each dish are extraordinary.

chef prepping bento boxes

What attracted Komeyui to B+S Commercial Kitchens was the efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to the heat conduction of our technology. The Komeyui kitchen is also able to trust that the B+S equipment is reliable and requires less maintenance, low on-going costs, and minimal downtime. This ensures that Komeyui is able to focus on their products without losing efficiency.

K+ and Verro ranges