Aromi celebrates the wholesome food culture that is Italian cuisine. The name itself refers to the heart of food in Italy, aromatics, and herbs. Herbs are used to enrich dishes, with shifting focus on the variety of them as you travel through Italy. Aromi pays respect to this tradition, visible in the flavors of their menu.

chef cooking on b+s equipment

Aromi’s focus on quality ingredients, through their farm-to-table menu, is supported by traditional techniques within the kitchen. Enjoy fresh Bateman’s Bay rock oysters, followed by their incredible gnocchi di Tarallo, with rabbit, porcini and pecorino, finally, finish the night with their silky chocolate mousse with candied peanuts and yogurt. You’ll also find fresh woodfired bread and wood-smoked fish and meats on their menu.

cooking spaghetti

Aromi has been using B+S Commercial Kitchens’ equipment since opening over a year and a half ago. Our high quality, Melbourne made, cookware equipment is able to maintain the temperature required to give them the confidence to cook their product the way it needs to be; especially when so much attention goes into making the perfect product.

Italian pasta dish