“Some of the greatest benefits we found about working with B+S Commercial Kitchens was that the products are Australian Made with an Australian team who are always reachable and available to help. On top of that, the team understood what we needed and easily translated that information to the engineering team who designed the products. We appreciated their willingness to help and work together to come up with a solution. It was an amazing experience!”

Almost a decade ago, Dustin Osuch of F&B Capital Projects was tasked to head the F&B transformation project of The Star in Gold Coast. During the last eight years Dustin has helped transform Kiyome, Cucina Vivo and opened the Garden Kitchen and Bar, Mei Wei, Harvest Buffet and Nineteen at The Star. The latest chapter of the transformation was to revitalise Imperial at The Star and rebrand the restaurant to open Uncle Su.

Uncle Su was the amalgamation of Osuch and Chef Song’s, a Cantonese chef from Hong Kong, ambitious desires for The Star. Both men aspired to double the seating in Imperial to serve twice as many guests at one time without expanding the kitchen. The project would require specific, specially designed, high-quality equipment that would withstand all pressures. They turned to B+S Commercial Kitchens.

“I would definitely recommend B+S Commercial Kitchen to anybody who is looking for a high quality, Australian-made product, with a team that is really able to work with you and specially design equipment for your needs, that is efficient and effective in every possible way. We had a great experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the same”

In order to keep up with the new demands of the restaurant but maintain the kitchen space, Uncle Su required more powerful wok burners. Moreover, the technology had to be redesigned to withstand the needed high-pressure situation of the kitchen whilst allowing chefs to produce high-standard food. B+S Commercial Kitchens worked tirelessly to create an incredible series of products for the project. The resulting products allowed Uncle Su to reduce cooking times by half, whilst staying within the space requirements.

Why does Dustin Osuch, Senior Manager at F&B Capital Projects at The Star Gold Coast, choose B+S Commercial Kitchens for his projects?