Custom Projects

We’re committed to working with our clients and their individual needs, and our ability to manufacture custom, made-to-order products is second to none. While we have over 100 standard units in our product range, we specialise in bringing together just the right combination of elements. From designing and building four-hole woks with built-in sauce holders to manufacturing steamers with wok cookers, our flexibility, knowledge, and expertise means we will always find the best solution for your kitchen. We also provide manufacturing services and OEM branded products according to your specifications and requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can customise your kitchen.

Flower Drum logo

The Flower Drum is the ultimate Melbourne institution for excellent Cantonese cuisine. Having opened its doors in 1975, it is almost as old as us. But our similarities don’t end there. Just as we pride ourselves on only using the best quality steel and parts and insist on finishing our products by hand, The Flower Drum similarly only use the best local seasonal ingredients and greet their clients with the highest customer service. We both have established a reputation for excellence and no compromise.

The Flower Drum is not only renowned within our local Melbourne community but also by many international guests who have had the pleasure of enjoying The Flower Drum’s excellent culinary talents. The Flower Drum is by far the most recognised Cantonese restaurant in Australia and has won many awards over the years.

When The Flower Drum moved to their current premises back in the 1980s, Gilbert Lau approached us to help them fit out their kitchen to meet the demands of an ever-growing clientele. A number of decades later, it was time for a kitchen refresh so the old B+S was moved out to make way for the new B+S. We worked together with their Head Chef and owner, Anthony Liu to understand the requirements of their kitchen and of the kitchen staff. They needed greater flexibility to assist with the workflow of their kitchen and to ensure a more efficient & timely output of their meals. Given the layout of The Flower Drum kitchen, we needed to design our units to their specific kitchen configuration and measurements without compromising on the aesthetics or functionality of the products. With the new customised woks and HiPacs, The Flower Drum was again equipped with the ultimate in kitchen equipment and ready to tackle the next few decades of servicing the hungry crowds of Melbourne.

The best, choose to work with the best, in order to deliver the best. There simply is no compromise. We have celebrated many a milestone together and look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

The Pancake Parlour logo

Established in 1965, The Pancake Parlour is a much loved Aussie favourite. With a career spanning almost as long as ours, they’ve seen the hospitality landscape change and grow and have successfully evolved along with it.
They now have 11 stores and continue to offer their delicious pancakes to the crowds of Melbourne.

Whether you’re after something savoury or something sweet, The Pancake Parlour has developed their menu over the years to address both. From family meals to after-theatre treats, they cater to every craving. I mean who doesn’t remember visiting The Pancake parlour as a child for their short stack with maple syrup and whipped butter right!

B+S custom grill plates at Pancake Parlour

When the team at The Pancake Parlour approached us about their kitchen needs, we were humbled that we could help improve one of our family favourites. The Pancake Parlour had their own version of a grill plate in mind to meet with their needs in the kitchen. We worked with them to fine-tune the details and then developed the product for them. This included the team from The Pancake Parlour coming out to our workshop and testing the unit to ensure their complete satisfaction before we had it certified to Australian Standards. The grill plates were specifically designed to provide even heat across the whole surface area of the plate which was a requirement in order for their pancake to be cooked consistently.

The Pancake Parlour chose us to help them design and develop their custom product given our long history and years of experience along with our innovative approach to product design. Simply put, they trusted us to deliver the quality and expertise that they needed.

B+S custom grill plates at Pancake Parlour