Tucked away in one of Melbourne’s infamous laneways lives Pentolina, a family-owned handmade pasta restaurant. The pink marble bench, scuffed up walls and wooden accents give the restaurant a traditional Italian feel; the juxtaposition with the clean lines scattered throughout the restaurant reminds you that you’re in modern Melbourne, and creates a warm yet vibrant atmosphere.

pentolina facade

Pentolina’s pasta is lovingly handmade by its chefs and is vegan. The water and semolina dough get rolled out, shaped and cut before going straight into the water. Once cooked the pasta goes straight into a little pot – a ‘pentolina’ – filled with sauce, and is mixed thoroughly before being plated and served.

chef dishing up gnocchi bowls

By using B+S Commercial Kitchens’ Verro range, Pentolina is able to keep up with the high demands on their kitchen. It allows them to efficiently cook and serve food and maintain a quick pace.

diners at Pentolina's bar